025 Smart Mechanics Super

Project Description


Smart Mechanics Super

Linear linking machine for toe closing of men's and children's socks, with high production capacity and high sewing quality. Equipped with a Super sock guide conveyor with a sock self-alignment device, which compensates for any differences in the preparation of the ranks in elasticized yarn. This patented conveyor enables the licensed sock preparation according to the Rosso procedure, which leads to obtain a seam comparable to stitching. It is also possible to tilt the drive chains upwards to facilitate the removal of any yarn filaments wound on the chain sprockets without requiring the removal of the conveyor. The transmission components and the sewing heads are in an oil bath with a built-in chain cutter and are completely self-lubricated. The sewing heads can be raised to facilitate threading of the needles.

The linking machine is equipped with micro switches to stop the machine in case of needle breakage and safety micro after sewing. The trimming knife, the opening of the conveyor blades and the height of the conveyor can be adjusted by means of graduated knobs. THE UPPER PART OF THE MACHINE IS FIXED.

Technical Specifications

Weights and Dimensions

Net weight kg 130 Gross weight kg 199
Package dimension cm 130x103x63