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Our company markets spare parts and accessories for hosiery machines of the following brands: Sangiacomo, Lonati, Santoni, Sunrise and Matec. The spare parts for hosiery machines as regards the mechanical parts are: cylinders, pads, gears, ball or roller bearings, cams, pickers, thread guides, gaskets, springs, trapezoidal belts, knives and saws. As regards electronic spare parts for hosiery machines, we are able to supply: incremental encoders, proximity sensors, electro-actuated needle selection groups, electronic cards, cooling fans for electronic cards and solenoid valves.

All hosiery machines work with needles and it is very important that all these needles match factory specifications, we can supply Groz-Beckert, KernLiebers and Mitchell needles for hosiery machines.

Sinkers are very important components within hosiery machines, we can supply Kern-Liebers and Mitchell sinkers for hosiery machines.

A seal in good condition fills the space between two surfaces, to avoid air leakage, this is a very important task in hosiery machines, we can supply hosiery machine gaskets.

All operators working on hosiery machines know how important it is to have good fittings in the compressed air section, we are able to supply fittings for hosiery machines.

The saw, paired with the small knife, is a special mechanical part inside the machine for the production of hosiery. We are able to supply any type of saw for hosiery machines.

Bad knife on hosiery machine can cause so many problems, we can supply excellent hosiery machine knives.

Every single small part is important inside a hosiery machine, we can supply all kinds of solenoid valves for hosiery machines.

We are able to supply cylinders for hosiery machines.


All our spare parts are now available in our warehouse.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or to request parts not present on this website, we have a large warehouse on site and not all spare parts are listed on these pages.