The Machinery Of Rosso Industries

T&T Service srl was born as a trading company of machinery and spare parts for the hosiery sector. The thirty years of experience of Mr. Anastasio Franco allows him to satisfy any request for technical assistance on any machinery, in addition to the availability of a wide range of spare parts, new machinery and used machinery overhauled as new.


SINCE 1937

A Story To Tell

Rosso Industrie was born from the production of linking machines for socks in Turin in 1937. After the war in 1946, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of linking machines for sewing socks up to linking machines for knitwear. The first patents were filed in 1963, the Rosso sewing system is considered among the most advantageous allowing an increase in productivity up to 4.5 times compared to the traditional method. In continuous development, arrived in the 90s, Rosso revolutionizes its products by introducing the linear linking machine. In 2017 the past becomes the future and Mr. Franco Anastasio, after 42 years of experience with linking machines, takes over Rosso Industrie. Technology and research still allow Rosso Industrie to offer its machinery worldwide.


New High Technology Machinery

QUALITY: The watchword that has always distinguished and guided
the choices in research and in the choice of the most suitable materials of Rosso Industries;
a meticulous work that guarantees its customers to reach a final product of the highest quality.

Used machinery a name a Guarantee