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It was born as a trading company of machinery and spare parts for the hosiery sector. The thirty-year experience of Mr. Anastasio Franco allows us to satisfy any request for technical assistance on any machinery, as well as the availability of a wide range of spare parts, new and used machinery overhauled as new. Technical & Textile Service S.r.l. in 2003 he took over Calzaccessori℗, a company on the market for years, specializing in the production of dyed nylon in various titles. In Calzaccessori℗ you can find a stock service of 90 colors, in the most requested yarn-dyed and paste-dyed polyamide titles. The choice of raw materials is accurate and focused exclusively on premium quality, capable of obtaining high-level finished products. The use of first choice raw materials for dyeing indicates a stable and continuous quality of our products. Our qualified staff follows the industrial production process in every detailed phase, twisting, dyeing, wrapping and packaging are subject to strict controls, all in order to guarantee a first-class product. The T&T Group is always ready to face any current complexity of the current market, having a young and friendly staff always ready to meet the needs of customers. A contribution made of specialization and technology, but also of mind and heart.

A Look Towards the Future

The T&T SERVICE group is always ready to face the complexities that the market presents, providing young and friendly staff, always ready to meet the needs of customers. A contribution certainly made of specialization and technology, but also of minds and hearts.

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The choice of raw materials is accurate and exclusively oriented on the first quality, in order to obtain a final product of the highest level. The use of first choices in the production of crude oil for dyeing is a stable and continuous index of the quality of our products.

Respect for the Environment


Since the 1970s we have become aware of the fact that the concept of development linked to economic growth in itself 'is not enough, development is only real if it improves the quality of life in a lasting way. The T&T group personally promotes eco-sustainable development, by recycling and then re-using most of the plastic materials used during the manufacturing process of the products. For us this means having an active role in the fight for eco-sustainability. A commitment to a greener and more sustainable Italy, for us and for future generations.