025 Electronics Matched with Ultraturn 3000

Project Description


025 Electronic / Ultraturn 3000

Linear linking machine equipped with a TOUCH SCREEN, making it possible to register any settings to be made on the machine with extreme simplicity and precision. The opening of the conveyor blades, the height of the conveyor and the trimming knife are set in the TOUCH SCREEN and are immediately memorized and combined with an article number. This model is equipped with a sock guide conveyor with a sock self-alignment device, which compensates for any differences in the preparation of the ranks in elasticized yarn. This patented conveyor makes it possible to obtain a seam comparable to stitch-to-stitch linking. It is also possible to tilt the drive chains upwards to facilitate the removal of any yarn filaments wound on the chain sprockets without requiring removal of the conveyor.

Device that automatically reverses stockings of any gauge and size, inside out. Fine and delicate socks, embroidered and pierced with slow threads, terry socks such as tennis and basketball socks, are not damaged in any way during the overturning operation. In fact, thanks to the "TERRY SOCKS" device and the special conformation of the toothed belts, the pressure exerted on the sock is relatively low, because it is distributed over a large contact surface. The Ultraturn 3000 is a highly reliable, versatile, easy-to-use machine that does not require qualified personnel. The operating cycle is very fast and is controlled by an electronic board with a microprocessor that manages the programmed sequence without having to makeany adjustments. It is equipped with a pneumatic ejector for unloading socks in large containers. The Ultraturn 3000 connected to the manual Rosso 025 linking machine is equipped with two sock counters: a daily production totalizer and another preselector to stop the machine at a predetermined number of socks. The Ultraturn 3000 connected to the Rosso 025 Electronic model, shows the sock quantity production on the programmer display. It records the production of each individual item and the total daily production. The preselector can be set from the keyboard for all items, to the desired quantities. On request: sock selector, non-turn device for socks that must not be turned inside out, electronic measuring device for rod speed adjustment.

Technical Specifications

Weights and Dimensions

Net weight kg 300 Gross weight kg 445
Package dimension cm 177x85x193